Library Services

Library Services

The Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School library serves the entire school community with an excess of 10,000 items available for checkout. Students in grades Pre-K4 to 4 visit the library on a weekly basis. Middle school students visit the library during their “read for enjoyment” period each week.

Students can view contents of the Our Lady of Lourdes library card catalog using Follett Destiny Library Manager software. This web-based software provides users of our library access to information about the materials.

As part of Follett Destiny, we have an enriched content subscription of TitlePeek. Each search result displays the book cover along with varied additional content such as the title profile, table of contents, brief summary, author notes, first chapter or excerpt, published reviews and more.

Library Resources

Catholic Teen Reads – Info by the Authors
Resources about Authors/Illustrators who create books for children
Catholic Newspaper Archives


Book donations are always appreciated. Each new or gently used book donated to the library has a nameplate added to the book to acknowledge the donor. If a book is donated and we have adequate copies in the library, we offer these to the teachers for use in their classroom libraries. Any books not used in the library or classroom are donated to local charities (St. Vincent de Paul, De Pere Christian Outreach Center, Juvenile Prison Ministries or Goodwill).

Volunteer Opportunities in the Library

Each week one helper is needed in the morning and another in the afternoon to shelve books, check out books, help students with projects and straighten selves. The Book Fair and the book inventory are also opportunities to volunteer. Please contact Mrs. Brys at (920) 336-3091 or


Pre4 and Kindergarten

  • Book care
  • Basic book parts-cover, spine, title page, etc.
  • Differentiate between fiction and nonfiction

First and Second Grades

  • Introduction of the Dewey Decimal system
  • Parts of a nonfiction book-table of contents, index, etc.
  • Understand the function of call numbers

Third and Fourth Grades

  • Use of Dewey Decimal system
  • Use of online book catalog
  • Explore information on title and copyright pages

All classes will do author studies.

Special Events

  • Book Fair: The Book Fair typically occurs the last weekend in January. This is a fundraiser for the library and also a chance for children to broaden their exposure to other types of books they may enjoy reading.
  • Book Swap: To celebrate Children’s Book Week, our library has a book swap. Children bring in books they have already read and swap them for books their classmates have turned in.
  • Summer Reading Challenge: In an effort to promote reading for enjoyment during the summer, classrooms compete for the highest percentage of participation. The class or classes with the highest participation get an extra recess. Each participant gets an NUT card and a medal at the annual Awards Assembly.

About Mrs. Brys

“I taught Kindergarten for 44 years, 34 here at Our Lady of Lourdes. One of my favorite parts of the kindergarten day was story time. My goal in the library is to instill a love of reading in the children by reading a variety of books to them. I want to introduce them to library skills so they are able to find books they might enjoy in this or any library.”

Mrs. Brys