Service Hours Tracking

Family Involvement

Service Hours Tracking

Third Source Funding, or TSF, began at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School over 17 years ago as a way for the school to meet its goals financially, but more importantly to encourage our families to get involved with their children’s education. By parents contributing their time to the school’s activities and events, we have been able to create a closer and interactive school community while offsetting expenses that help keep our tuition affordable.

A family earns TSF hours for volunteering time in ways that either: a) generate fundraising dollars for the school, or b) offset what otherwise would be school expenses if volunteers were not available to provide the service (i.e. lunchroom/playground).

Chaperoning field trips or helping in the classroom are examples that do not count toward meeting the service hour commitment. Athletic Volunteer Hours (AVH) is a separate requirement for families with children in athletics. Third Source Funding (TSF) school service hours and Athletic Volunteer Hours (AVH) are not interchangeable.

There are a number of ways to become involved and earn TSF hours at Our Lady of Lourdes. Each year TSF hours will start accumulating in 0.5 hour increments beginning June 1 and ending May 31 of that current school year. All TSF hours start over each year; there is no carryover.

TSF Volunteer Opportunities

TSF Opportunities: Light Up Lourdes

Light Up Lourdes – Ring the Bell

TSF Opportunities: Packer Parking Signup

TSF Opportunity: Lunchroom/Playground Volunteer

Enter your volunteer hours on this TSF Tracking Form to meet your service hours requirement. Status reports will be provided throughout the school year.

A Site Advisory Council member will be assigned to each school family for the purpose of communicating school activities and for keeping track of all TSF hours earned. The Site Advisory Council will exempt families from the program due to extenuating circumstances. The Site Advisory Council will be able to provide regular updates to school families on their status toward reaching their TSF requirement. Please reference the TSF eligible activities located at the bottom of this page.

Preschool TSF hour commitment

Preschool families with no children in grades K-8 have a TSF commitment of 5 hours. It is to be recommended, but not required, that parents with only 3K and 4K students in the school complete 5 TSF hours.

K-8 TSF hour commitment

  • 1 child family (K-8) = 15 hours
  • 2 child family (K-8) = 20 hours
  • 3+ child family (K-8) = 25 hours

Families with children in K-8 and the Preschool program will only be required to fulfill hours for the child/children in grades K-8.

Unfulfilled TSF hours will be billed at a rate of $25 up to family’s commitment. The charge for remaining hours will be treated as delinquent tuition.

Any questions regarding TSF hour eligibility of a certain program, service or activity should be directed to the Site Advisory Council or Principal.