Site Advisory Council

Family Involvement

Site Advisory Council

The OLOL Site Advisory Committee consists of eight school family parents, one parish member without children in the school, and the principal.

The Site Advisory Committee meets monthly and the main focus is an advisory committee for the principal. Two of the main functions of the committee are fundraising and marketing. The Site Advisory Committee has 3 sub-committees of family engagement, student engagement, and financial engagement.

Members of the committee serve 3-year terms. The committee serves the students, staff, administration and the OLOL parish.

The Site Advisory Council meets the third week of the month at 6:30PM.

2021-2022 Site Advisory Committee Members

  • Courtney Janssen – Chairperson, Student Enrichment member
  • Elizabeth Gale – Vice-Chairperson, Family Enrichment member
  • Brad Willems – Treasurer, Financial Enrichment member
  • Johann Hansen-Schmidt – Secretary
  • Sarah Day – Family Enrichment member
  • Jeff O’Connor – Student Enrichment member
  • Corey Coonen – Financial Enrichment
  • Dustin Thill – Financial Engagement