Ss. Anne and Joahim

We Celebrate Our Grandparents

We are grateful for the grandparents in our families everyday. On July 26, the church celebrates The Feast Day of Saints Joachim and Anne — the parents of Mary, Mother of God, and the grandparents of Jesus, which falls near the day the Church celebrates World Day for Grandparents and the Elderly. Since school is not in session during that time, we celebrate Grandparents Day during the month of September, which coincides with National Grandparents Day.

On Wednesday, September 20, we invite our grandparents to join us for mass and some special activities. Our schedule for the day is:

8:25 – Weather permitting, grandparents will meet on the playground.  If you are dropping off your grandchild you are welcome to stay on the playground.  Mr. Young will address grandparents on the timeline.

8:35-8:40 – We will begin having grandparents enter the building and proceed to their grandchild’s classrooms.   We will be staggering so our hallways won’t get clogged.  Middle school students will come to the elementary classroom if your family has students at both levels.

8:40-8:50 – You can see your grandchild and start heading over to church for Mass.

8:50 – All grandparents and grandchildren head over to Mass.

9:0010:00 Mass at OLOL Catholic Church

10:00 – 10:45 – A social will be held in the cafeteria and the social hall.

10:45 – Grandparents say goodbye to their grandchildren.  

Parents/Grandparents, please RSVP for this event. The link is available in our school newsletter. parents to join us for mass and some special activities.

Information regarding these events and more are available in our Lourdes Letter available here.